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WIZARD VOLLEYBALL Youth Practice programs are designed to establish a volleyball career path for athletes – starting at a very young age or with no volleyball experience, then progressing to playing competitively in our elite club teams or in middle/high school and finally helping them prepare for the pinnacle of their volleyball careers – college and beyond. There are two components of WIZARDS Youth and Practice Program offerings:

Programs Offerings – Instructional youth practices are offered in Spring, Fall and Summer. Programs are open to ages 5 to 17 years old (girls and boys).

Practice Team: Wizard Youth or Practice team are designed with beginners and intermediates in mind.  Intermediates can benefit from our program through proper technique progressions, skill execution and repetition.  No experience necessary. 

Wizard Volleyball League: Beginners to Advanced. PRACTICE Starts Oct to May. $150.00/MO – 1 TO 2.5 HRS. ONCE OR TWICE/WEEK.
WVL alternative to club volleyball for players that may not have the time nor resources to commit to a full-blown club team. ALL SKILLS WELCOME. 


  • Locations: Trinity Christian Academy MAP  – Atlantic Christian Academy MAP
  • Contact: Coach Merlin Theleus – [email protected] or 5616339351

Wizard Mini’s 6 to 12 years – The program’s focal point is fun and enjoyment; at the same time developing agility, hand eye coordination, body movement and ball control work. Team play is incorporated with motor learning and skill development. This is a great way to hone skills or prepare for school or 12 & Under club tryouts.

Wizard Volleyball undecided 12 – 17 Years Old: For those who want to keep their skills sharp, cannot commit to playing club volleyball or just want additional training. The first portion of each session will cover instruction-based drills then progress to competitive play where athletes will be divided into teams. Competitive game play situations are the norm and rotations are introduced.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference: Wizards Training vs Camps/Clinics vs club teams?
Clinics and camps are purely instructional in nature.  Although there are some competitive elements incorporated so that participants learn the game play aspect of volleyball (short court games, cooperative drills, etc).  Participants do not compete on a team. Competitive 18 and Under Program which competes locally, regionally or nationally depending on the level of the teams.
Club/Travel volleyball (or Junior Olympic Volleyball) is the heart and soul of Wizard Volleyball Academy.  This is the competitive arm of our club. Participants must tryout for a team in July – Sept; begin training end of October and compete against other regional or national teams for 4-6 months after that.  This is not a recreational league. Information about our tryouts process and dates are normally posted by May/June of each year.

TRYOUTS – Happen once per year, in the summer, to form teams for the club season, which starts in late fall and ends in the spring. Our tryouts are open to all athletes, regardless of their current or past club affiliation.

However, part of our secret our youth program (ages 13 and under). Our goal every year is to offer enough teams that we don’t have to cut any youth players. For youth teams, tryouts are really just to figure out which team is a best fit for each player, to get the level of instruction they need.

For our youth teams, we don’t require any particular volleyball experience – as long as they are willing and eager (and maybe a little athletic!), then we can teach them how to play volleyball! Of course, attending some of our fall clinics is a great way to build a little bit of skill and confidence before club tryouts.

CLUB VOLLEYBALL PRACTICE SCHEDULE – At tryouts, we form teams for the season. A team typically consists of 11 or 12 athletes, a head coach, and sometimes an assistant coach. These teams begin training together during our pre-season in November and December, working around the holidays. Practices are typically two or three times per week, in the evenings. Our youngest teams may practice from 5:30-7:30 for example, while our older teams may have longer or later times in the gym, like 7:00-9:30. Some teams may schedule an occasional practice as well. “bonus”

The regular season, January-April, will also see teams in the gym two or three times per week at times. One practice each week is our Master Coaching night, where all our teams are executing the same practice plan, working directly with our most experienced coaches, running the same drills, learning the same principles and strategies, doing strength and conditioning exercises together, and scrimmaging against other Wizard teams – that gives us some form of competition, every week. The other practice each week is a team practice where each coach executes their own practice plan, based on the needs of the team.

SEASON TOURNAMENTS – Throughout the regular January – April season, teams will also play in weekend tournaments – as few as five or seven for our youngest teams, and as many as 7 or 9 for our older or more experienced teams – very roughly, it might be every 2nd or 3rd weekend. While our most experienced teams may sometimes travel out of state to play the best competition around the country at large “national qualifier” tournaments, our younger teams generally play tournaments in the South County area, including some scrimmage that are hosted in our home gym. A typical club tournament might be three “pool play” matches on a Saturday morning or afternoon, followed by a Sunday playoff bracket. In a single age group, a small tournament might have 10 or 12 clubs in attendance, while large qualifier tournaments, sometimes played over three days, could have over a hundred clubs competing in a single age group.

POST-SEASON – Many club volleyball players play their entire careers without experiencing a post-season. However, our stronger Wizard teams regularly perform well enough to play at National Qualifiers – a chance for national recognition as one of the top teams in the entire country. USAV Nationals is held in a different city each year, around the end of June. Additionally, many of our teams attend AAU Nationals in mid-June, which is in Orlando each year, an easy destination from Palm Beach County. In either case, the post-season means six or seven extra weeks of practice for those select teams, and of course that extra tournament, trying to win a national championship!

What are the age groups for Spring & Fall Camps? 
Our instructional clinics are open to participants 6 -17 years old (or 2nd-10th grade), no prior experience necessary. We group participants according to age and/or skill level during the first week. We then adjust participants to the appropriate groups depending on how they progress each week. The group they will work with may vary from week to week. We welcome all grades who do not have club experience but desire to make their Middle school or High school Freshman or JV teams. Our instructional clinics are designed with beginners and intermediates in mind. Intermediates can still benefit from repetitions through skill progressions and technique adjustments.  We adjust our instruction based on the skill level of our participants. All players are accepted, regardless of background in the sport. We group players based on their abilities and/or appropriate age group during the first session and adjust accordingly as they progress.

What equipment does my child have to bring to the clinics? 
Any athletic attire is ok – t-shirt, shorts, athletic shoes. Kneepads are recommended. Any brand of soft knee pads available at your local sports store is acceptable. Please make sure your child has ample hydration (water or sports drinks are ok) at each session.

What does the instructional program entail? 
Part of Wizard Volleyball’s success is its coaching methods and philosophy. We believe in technique progressions and high repetitions. We insist on doing each skill repetition the correct way every time. Everyone, regardless of skill level, will start off with core drills that emphasize the basic fundamental skills of volleyball. Each week, we focus on one particular skill set, then build upon it each session. We end each training session with competitive game play. Towards the end of the program, participants compete against each other in different competitive formats.
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